Welcome to PadWorx Studios

PadWorx is dedicated to a simple idea: regardless of how awesome tablet devices are, without equally awesome content they are just another thing with flashy, blinky bits.


eBooks from the Future

We combine original art, music, and sound with innovative programming and award winning design to create the reading experience of tomorrow. Just much sooner. Like now.

Bleeding-Edge Technology

All of our content is lovingly designed and coded to make full use of each tablet and media device's dazzling technology. Everything we do goes all the way to 11.

Hey, There's a Book in My Game

Created on our proprietary game engine, our book/apps can have 2D elements, 3D elements, gameplay elements, a full-on, synapse-firing ebook experience. Reluctant readers? We think NOT!

Grab 'em and Hold 'em

Our readers and our books form a partnership, creating the ultimate immersive reading experience. Our books need our readers as much as our readers need our books.

It's Our Football

We built our own publishing platform which allows us to innovate on a daily basis. We rule the development process, throw off the shackles of mediocrity, and make each project bow to our will.

Best Ideas Always Win


Our team is made up of creative, innovative, engaged, fun, cool people. Our love for what we do so blinds the eyes through our books and apps that we should give away a pair of Ray-Bans™ with each download. Seriously.

Our Clients Include: